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Happy New Year - the perfect time to de-clutter!

Happy New Year!

A new year has begun, Christmas is a distant memory and life is getting back to normal.

January can be a miserable month, the days are dark and gloomy, funds are low and we will be spending a lot more time in our homes. This gives us the perfect excuse to spend some time decluttering.

Today is the last day to take the decorations down and on the surface the house will look quite bare. But what is lurking beneath the surface? Have you stuffed things away in cupboards and drawers because you can’t find a place for all your new Christmas gifts?

Do you put off any kind of decluttering because you simply don’t know where to start?

You are not alone!

One of my reasons for wanting to become a stylist was to help people to live more simply, through dressing with a scaled down wardrobe to living in a clutter free and calm home.

Sometimes the smallest of things can make a different to how we start our day, how our day then unfolds and ultimately our Mental Health.

Before I trained to be a stylist, I did a de-clutter of the entire house. Over time however, the clutter starts to build up again. We all have busy schedules, our children grow out of their toys and clothes and over the year we bring more things into our home but rarely get rid of anything.

We have every intention of taking that bag of stuff to the charity shop but more likely we drive around with these things in the boot of our car and never get around to dropping them off!

Nobody’s house or life is perfect and is certainly no Instagram picture, but having a tidy clutter free home is important for general happiness and well-being.

Think about that time when you were late for work because you couldn’t find your car keys or when you spent ages looking for a particular outfit because your cupboard was too full.

It doesn’t set the day off to a good start and can leave you feeling overwhelmed and upset. Having clear surfaces and a place for everything is calming and the act of tidying can be satisfying too.

So where to begin?

I’ve devised a 7 day declutter of different areas that I think can make a lot of difference to how we start our day and how we feel in ourselves. These are a mixture of Styling related areas and some around the home tasks too.

One of the mistakes people make when having a clear out is taking on too much at once, you get bored or too overwhelmed half way through and give up.

On each of the next 7 days there will be just 1 thing to do on each day. Each task should take 30 minutes or less so its easily achievable and manageable and there is a reason behind each one.

It’s completely free and the decluttering itself will not cost you any money. Just follow along on Facebook or Instagram. For those not on social media you can follow through the Instagram link on my website home page. Click on the box for each day and it will link to Instagram.

Things to note.....

- This should be lighthearted and fun! The aim is to make the next week of January slightly more interesting!

- Don’t stress yourself out if you can’t do each task each day, either catch up the next day or complete it over 2 weeks.

- Do each task in order even if you do it on a different day! There is a method to my madnesss!!

- If you complete the task for that day but get the tidying bug and you want to do more, go to the kitchen and tidy out 1 drawer or 1 cupboard as an extra task for the day.

- There will be hints and tips for each task each day.

- Take a before and after photo of any de- cluttering you do, this helps you to see what you’ve achieved.

Don’t forget to keep me posted on how you are getting on and if you want to, share your before and after photos with me!

Day 1 starts tomorrow, Sunday! Hope you enjoy!

Happy decluttering!

Elisa x

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