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Hiking Boots - The unexpected trend!

It’s that time of year, we are well and truly into the Winter weather which means coats and boots are on. I held out a long time before reaching for my socks and boots, clinging on to Summer for just that little bit longer. It is also the time of year for “I’m a Celebrity” which I love! This year I’m liking it even more and that is all down to Holly Willoughby. I am intrigued to see what she is wearing each night. I like some of her looks more than others but what I do like is the boots!!

On the back of this show I think we are going to see a real trend emerging for short skirts, dresses and hiking boots and as Holly is showing by wearing these with bare legs, buying into this trend will also take you through to Spring and maybe even Summer.

There are already loads of these kind of boots out there but I predict seeing a lot more very soon. The ones Holly is wearing are more high-end designer, around the £200 - £300 mark but these will be replicated by high-street stores at a more affordable price.

Having said that, I do believe that there are certain things worth investing money in and good shoes is one of them. Not only are these hiking style boots fashionable, they are also extremely practical for Winter. They won't be everyone's cup of tea but I love them!

If you're going to buy a pair, really think about what it is you need them for, if its just for fashion and you’re not really sure about the trend, then buy yourself a less expensive pair. If you have more of an outdoor lifestyle or live in the country then investing in a higher end pair would be money well spent.

Below is a few examples of what can be found on-line or in stores at the moment to give you an idea.

Deichmann - Half price £39.99

These are the ones I’ve recently bought which tick a lot of boxes as they are both practical and fashionable, are leather and a great price at £39.99.

Office - £85

Great pair from Office which look very much like the higher end labels but at a more reasonable price point.

New Look - £29.99

A lower price point from New Look which could work well with jeans or skirts.

Camilla Elphick - £295

This particular pair seen on Holly Willoughby in I'm a Celebrity. Top of the price range at £295.

Love them or loathe them, this is only the beginning for this trend!

If you're watching 'I'm a Celeb' enjoy the rest of the show - Harry to Win!!!



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