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About Me

My journey to become a Personal Stylist began when I realised that like many people I had so many clothes but never seemed to have the right thing to wear. I had clothes everywhere, in wardrobes, in drawers, in bin-liners, in suitcases, clothes in the loft and clothes in my Mum's loft too!


When I came to move house it was quite alarming just how much I had. It made me re-evaluate how I was living, what I was spending and more worryingly just how much money I had probably wasted over the years.


I set about de-cluttering, not just the clothes but the whole house. Once I had done this, I felt so much better. My bedroom was now a peaceful haven, not somewhere where the doors to the wardrobe or the drawers were bursting at the seams.


Having too much ‘stuff’, especially in your bedroom, is not conducive to a good nights sleep or your overall mental wellbeing. As someone who previously suffered from crippling Anxiety, living in such a muddle and feeling overwhelmed by too many clothes and too much stuff was really not helping. I found the process of de-cluttering so liberating that I decided I wanted to help other people to feel this way too.


I will not come to your house and throw away all of your clothes! Chances are you already have some real gems lurking in the wardrobe! What I will do is help you to find your own unique style based on your current lifestyle and budget.


I will give you all the tools you need to shop more mindfully going forward knowing what really suits you and gives you that overall stylish and well-put together look.


Hiring a Personal Stylist is no longer just for the rich and famous, it is now an affordable luxury and a great pampering experience. Unlike a holiday or a spa day where the effects soon wear off, this will give you knowledge that will last a lifetime and the on-going effect is that you will always feel good in what you are wearing.


The lasting effects of having any of the styling services are that you will be more confident in knowing what suits you and that confidence will radiate out of you. You will no longer waste money on impulse purchases and you will not be overwhelmed by shopping, you will actually enjoy it.


People will wonder what is different about you and you will see the compliments start to roll in!


My styling business is about so much more than just clothes and shopping, it's about feeling good in what you wear. I really want to make a difference to people and to show them that you can still look and feel great on the smallest of budgets or with the busiest of schedules. When everything is organised and you can clearly see what you have, getting ready in the mornings is so much easier.


This will save you money and more importantly no more hours will be wasted stressing about what to wear. You'll even have time to put on your lipstick!

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styling for wellbeing

The purpose of my work is to make people feel great about themselves. Getting dressed is something we all have to do every day. Often people find choosing  an outfit to wear really stressful and this can have a negative impact on their whole day. When we feel good in what we are wearing we feel calm and confident and we project a different energy. Having the right clothes in your wardrobe that are appropriate for your current lifestyle will mean that you can easily, quickly and confidently select an outfit to wear for work, weekends or a night out and leave the house feeling fabulous all of the time. 

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