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styling for wellbeing

"Mental Health is defined as a state of wellbeing in which every individual realises his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully and is able to make a contribution to her or his community"

World Health Organisation 2014

Through my own experience and from the many clients I have already helped, I know how much of a difference even just knowing your colour palette can make. I believe very strongly that what we wear has huge power over our emotions and can ultimately affect how we present ourselves to the world and how we interact with others. 

It is my intention, through my work, to share my knowledge and experience with my clients of how to live more simply and shop more mindfully which in turn has a very positive effect on their Mental Health.

Wearing colour has a psychological effect on your emotions, boosting self-esteem and general well-being. 

In June 2019 I qualified as a Mental Health First Aider. This not only helps me in my work but reassures my clients that I take my work very seriously and that they are in safe hands. 

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