wardrobe styling

The purpose of Wardrobe Styling is to give help and advice on your existing wardrobe of clothes. Most people wear 20% of their clothes, 80% of the time.  So many of us have outfits in our wardrobes that we don’t wear or have bought on impulse and have never worn.

Wardrobe Styling is divided into 2 parts, Wardrobe Edit & Wardrobe Re-style.


What’s included:

Wardrobe Edit

  •  With the knowledge of your colours & body shape we go through your existing wardrobe of clothes and I will show you which pieces are working or not working and why. I will advise if something could be altered to work better.

  • I will help you to create outfits with your existing clothes showing you how to style them different ways that you may not have thought of before.


Wardrobe Re-Style

  • I will re-organise your wardrobe so you can clearly see all of your clothes

  • I will show you how to fold and store your clothes to get maximum use of the space you have


What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

A Capsule wardrobe is a range of key pieces that create multiple looks for work, weekend and evening wear. Items that can be dressed up and dressed down from season to season and year on year.


How will this help me?

You will be left with a streamlined wardrobe full of clothes in colours that suit you and in shapes and styles that flatter you making getting ready that much easier and stress-free going forward.


Whatever the size of your wardrobe I can help you to make maximum use of the space you have.

Wardrobe Styling


an edit & re-organise of your existing wardrobe

3 hours

for larger wardrobes a full day rate will be charged 

£295 per day

​​Styling Package



Colour Analysis

Body Shape Analysis

Wardrobe edit & restyle

style & shop package


ideal voucher gift!

package includes;

 colours, shape, wardrobe edit & personal shop

taken on 2 separate days

day 1 - colours, shape & wardrobe edit

day 2 - personal shop bluewater

**days do not have to be booked consecutively

***package must be paid in full in advance of day 1


If you are moving home and would like help

with sorting, organising, packing/unpacking

or designing your wardrobe/dressing room space 

please get in touch with me

for a personalised and bespoke  package.