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In styling we dress the body shape and not the body size. Your body shape is the natural bone structure of your body.

Knowing your body shape further refines the styling process, making it easier to edit your wardrobe and shop for new items based on the cuts of clothes you are confident that suit and flatter you.


Body shape analysis includes:

  • Identifying which body shape you most closely resemble

  • Learn how to dress your shape effectively

  • Advice on existing items in your wardrobe

  • Guidance on potential items to purchase

  • Help with buying a great pair of jeans

  • Information on stores that cut well for your shape


Knowing your body shape will help you if:

  • You already know your colours

  • You struggle to find clothes that fit & flatter

  • You’re not sure what suits you

  • You want to be more adventurous with your style

  •  You have unworn clothes in the wardrobe but aren’t sure why


Body shape analysis can be booked on its own, or added on to another service.


Knowing your body shape will further refine your style, you will find shopping less overwhelming and you will understand which items work well for you and give you that elevated stylish look.

body shape analysis
Colour & Shape Analysis

online shape analysis
Online Colour & Shape
online analysis is carried out using photographs & you will be sent a PDF Style Guide by return
There is no 'live' element for these bookings


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