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Colour Analysis

The most important of all the styling services is Colour Analysis.

Knowing your colours is essential to making better choices when shopping and in helping you to build a really beautiful wardrobe of clothes.

A curated selection of clothes in the right colours will ensure that your wardrobe is a joy to look at when you open the doors each day.

All of your clothes will mix and match and work together and will ensure that  you LOOK and more importantly FEEL fabulous all of the time.

The Colours are divided into the 4 seasons of the year Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. You will fall into one of those seasons based on your natural hair colour and the undertone of your skin.

Knowing your colour season will make shopping that much easier whether shopping on-line or in stores. It narrows down the choice, enabling you to shop with confidence, knowing exactly what suits you.  

During your session we will work together using specially selected drapes to determine which colours harmonise with and enhance your natural skin tone. 

Learn to look your best all the time even without make-up!

​Colours can be done at any age as you will be the same colour palette your whole life, even when you are suntanned, even if you dye your hair.

​​Colour Analysis takes about an hour and has to be done during the day so there is plenty of natural light. You will also need to be make-up free.

​Each client receives an electronic copy of their colour chart with the option to purchase a full colour wallet of their season. You will also receive a full written analysis after your session which includes make-up tips.


Colour Analysis can also be booked with a friend or in a group.


It also makes a great gift! 

Colour Analysis

ladies & gentlemen (over 16)


colour analysis &

colour swatch card


Colour Swatch Card


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