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Lounging around!

During these cold winter months we will be spending a lot more time indoors. When I’m at home or when I get home from work I always change into some comfy clothes. We certainly don’t want to be all styled up when we are at home but we still need to feel good in what we are wearing especially during the gloomy months of January and February. Cue ‘Loungewear’ and pyjamas.

Perhaps these items are not something you’ve ever given much thought to? Do you just change into an old pair of trackie bottoms when you get home? Have you ever even bought anything with the sole purpose of just lounging around in it? Probably not.

We don’t usually give much thought to these things, we just grab the nearest pair of comfy bottoms or old sweatshirt, it may have a few holes or even a few bleach stains on it. Have you ever been at home in your scruffs and you get an unexpected visitor or knock at the door and you are embarrassed about what you’re wearing?

Perhaps you need to make a quick dash to the shops but because you are wearing your really old worn out clothes you feel you have to get changed just in case you bump into anyone.

Loungewear has really become a thing now and there are endless options from low to high end brands. The great thing about it is that you can lounge about in it at home but if you had to do the school run or make a quick trip to the supermarket you could just put on your shoes and coat and run out the door and you would look perfectly ok!

So lets give some thought to what we wear when we are at home. Get rid of anything that has holes in it, is well worn or bleach stained. You will always feel different in it. Find something you already have that you feel great in or perhaps treat yourself to something new, just for wearing at home.

Here are a few examples that are in the shops now. I got the leopard print joggers from Marks and Spencer for Christmas and they are fab!

Anyone seen Cameron Diaz in ‘The Holiday’ in her beautiful white pyjamas? Probably a very high end pair but this look can easily be copied.

It’s little things that can make a difference to how we feel in ourselves. Even putting on a nice pair of pyjamas after a hot bath can make us feel better and a little more luxurious.

If you really wanted to be decadent, how about some PJ’s monogrammed with your initials? I kind of like that idea!

Pyjamas are designed to be worn touching your skin so look at the fabrics of them and choose cotton or bamboo materials as these will allow the skin to breathe through the night. Anything in a synthetic material is going to make you hot and sticky.

If you want to go really high-end Desmond & Dempsey have beautiful sets in amazing prints but come with a hefty price tag!

All these little tweaks are all about self-care and feeling good about ourselves. Having a nice set of loungewear or a few sets of really nice pyjamas will make you feel nice when you are just sitting at home on the sofa during the long winter months or on days when you are feeling under the weather.

I don't think I'll ever be able to justify £150 for a pair of pyjamas! Here's my current favourites from Home Bargains!

Floral Pyjamas from Home Bargains - £14.99

Sweet dreams and have a great weekend!

Elisa x

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